About us

Wood furniture made without cutting a single tree.


We are wabu. Simple, humble and reclaimed wood furniture.
A combination of craftsmanship, eco-conscious design, accessibility and ease of use.
We propose a single collection of furniture, all made from abandoned woods that can no longer be found.
The designs are democratic, honest and easily injected into any home, allowing for the furniture to be used in any space.
Today, most of the furniture we buy are mass-produced.
But wabu is different. Each piece is handcrafted, organically shaped and completely unique. 
Wabu pieces are inspired by wabi-sabi, a beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete". 
This shows how wabu furniture are designed and treated.
When the furniture pieces are sold out, we launch a new collection with a new batch of abandoned wood.
Good news to all!