About us

Wood furniture made without cutting a single tree.


We are against making a product that contributes towards the destruction of our planet.

Each year, we lose more of our dwindling forests. Their wood harvested for various items including furniture. Unfortunately, the wood we harvest is home of animals, some of which may not be able to live elsewhere. We're causing severe damage not just to our planet's ability to remove greenhouse gases, but to ecosystems as well.

We search for abandoned wood, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites. We give used wood another life making the best use of the yield of the tree. This helps reduce the demand on sources of virgin material, thereby helping to protect the world’s forests. It also creates beautiful furniture from woods that can no longer be found, which makes the furniture pieces unique.



wabu is a project that is constantly evolving.

Our aim is to eventually manufacture the furniture in workshops close to where the abandoned woods are found, bridging the gap between local craftsmen and customers. It will require some time to build a community all over the world and hopefully we’ll overcome this step sooner than expected.

We are also in contact with people that are doing awesome things all over the planet and undertaking reforestation programs.

The ultimate goal is to become carbon negative.



wabu is a combination of craftsmanship, eco-conscious design, accessibility and ease of use.

Today, most of the furniture pieces we buy are mass-produced. But wabu is different. Each piece is handcrafted, organically shaped and completely unique. The imperfections of the wood speak volumes.

wabu pieces are inspired by the Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi, that is often described as a beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete". This shows in how wabu furniture are designed and treated.

The wood gets kiln-dry at above 60C, it is then cleaned, treated and handcrafted by Lebanese artisans.

After that each piece is inspected, hand-signed and ready to be shipped directly to your door.