Imagined by you, crafted by wabu.

Choose a vegan home.

... and let us do it for you.


1) Bonnie and Clyde - The non secret recipe

Metal and wood is like Bonnie and Clyde, a match made in heaven (well..maybe not heaven). To spice up a bit and since we have a weak point for this combination of material, we have included them in "mywabu" custom section to create the piece that you have in mind.

The possibilities are limitless from beds, headboards, shelves, dining tables, work desks, coffee/side tables, bookcases, wood flooring, wall cladding, bar stools, closets (built-in, open dressing, walk-in). So light up that right side of the brain, or, tell us your idea and let us do it for you.



      2) Mama's boy - The secret recipe

      We can also custom make your wabu piece using your own reclaimed wood:

      • Old window shutters from granma's house
      • Old doors 
      • Abandoned trees and trunks
      • ... etc



      *Handmade and delivered within 2-4 weeks.

      *For enquiries, email