The Wabu Loft

We turned the last corner of our old factory into a loft, "The Wabu Loft”. 

The idea was to create a space filled with wabu furniture to get you inspired about how wabu pieces can be used.

To complete the experience, we have developed a bunch of items such as shelves, a series of new stools, mirrors and accessories, a shoe rack and whole lot more, see them here. The designs are democratic, honest and easily injected into any home and any space (bedroom, living room, kitchen…etc).

There’s a little a bit for everyone in the loft, with a starting price as little as $25 for a Coat Hook.

We are sharing the space with @kitmobardawil, our Mother Brand.

Located on the first floor of Spaces building, Mkalles main road.

If you would like to open a “Wabu Loft” we can talk about it - send an email to and we will get back to you.